Yard Management

Lehigh Valley Logistics (LVL) has been providing Yard Management including Trailer
Spotting and Yard Jockey Services since 2001 in the Lehigh Valley.

Yard Management


  • Managing the busiest yards since 2001
  • Over twenty years of providing 3PL services
  • The same management is in place

Our experience will help:

  • Maximize dock door utilization
  • Ensure on-time trailer unloading and departures
  • Avoid trailer detention charges

Yard Management


  • We use on- and off-highway Ottawas.
  • Units are equipped with hydraulic fifth wheel, kingpin releases & air ride suspension.
  • Back-up units available to replace units being serviced.

Our equipment will help:

  • Keep your yard free of nails with magnet sweepers mounted to bumper.
  • Dock workers keep on schedule as equipment is available 24 hours.


  • Pre-employment background checks are conducted.
  • We participate in ongoing random drug testing program.
  • We inspect trailers daily.