Warehousing System


  • Look-up screens for customers
  • Lot numbers can be assigned manually or automatically
  • Inbound receipts forwarded daily
  • Backorder capability


  • LIFO or FIFO
  • Product can be reserved for later shipments
  • Packing slips
  • Bills of lading

Inventory Control

  • System updates automatically
  • System will “lock” expired or on-hold product
  • If product is recalled, it can be tracked by item#, lot#, production
    code, date or shift, the carrier who transported the product and the
    consignee that received it.

Bar Coding

  • Locations are bar coded
  • Product is bar-coded when received

Management Reports

  • Customers can view and print reports
  • Inventory
  • Activity
  • Turnover analysis
  • Product expiration
  • Product on-hold

EDI Capable