Value Added Services

Lehigh Valley Logistics (LVL) provides logistic services that add value to the products it stores, manages and distributes for its customers. These services complement and go beyond the standard warehouse services of receiving, shipping and order fulfillment.

LVL offers a wide mix of logistic services that enable customers to have product prepared to the exact specifications required by their end users.

Included in this mix are:

Pick & Pack

LVL will pick the exact quantity needed to fill an order. Product can be picked at the carton level, the each level or the unit level then combined with other product and repacked into cartons for shipping.


labeling serviceLVL will open cartons and apply labels to product or on cartons as required. Labels can be provided by customers or prepared by LVL.

Shrink Wrapping Services

shrink wrappingProduct can be packaged into shrink wrapped club packs and bundles.


LVL can select and ship the same day product needed to support your sales and marketing efforts. We can ship forms, brochures, promotional items and samples to sales staff, dealers and prospects.

Kit Assembly

Kits can be assembled from product in storage and also on demand, whereby kits are assembled as orders are preparing to ship.

Display Building

Product can be removed from shippers and packed into floor stand or counter unit displays.

Returns Processing (a.k.a. Reverse Logistics)

Reverse Logistics LVL will inspect product in order to return the product to stock or recycle. The process includes sorting, cleaning, removing labels, scanning by customer ID, SKU, Return Authorization # and quantity, then repacking or disposing.