In 1989, Eastern Secured Data (ESD) was established to provide records / data management and business forms management services. The company introduced a mix of services not previously offered in the Lehigh Valley area until then. ESD managed records at the carton, file, and document level, and managed magnetic and digital media, as well as micro forms. To support the forms business, the company introduced warehousing and support services that included pick-n-pack, desktop deliveries and other value added services, for the customers of the largest domestic forms manufacturer.

A few years later, ESD broadened its footprint in the warehousing arena and began storing and managing product for businesses in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. In 1995, the warehousing company spun off from the records management company; Lehigh Valley Logistics (LVL) was formed.

Today, LVL offers:

Lehigh Valley Logistics